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Diamond drill bit life mainly depends on what factors?

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For the moment, diamond bits have become the most commonly used drilling accessory in the current production area. Thus in the manufacture of diamond bits, manufacturers will pay particular attention to the life of the product. From the overall analysis, in fact, want to extend the life of the method, mainly from the raw materials, production processes, parity operation of these three aspects to consider.

First of all, on the quality of raw materials, the selection criteria of different manufacturers is not the same. If it is a quality-oriented technical enterprises, then in the procurement of raw materials for production of drill is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the checks. You know, only high-quality raw materials can produce high-quality diamond bit, which also helps manufacturers stand out from the competition in the market, but also to increase the life of the drill the most fundamental way.

Second, in production, but also strictly control the specific level of production technology. At present, the production industry between different manufacturers is still quite different. However, the specific production process and production process are the direct factors that determine the quality of diamond bits. If the production level is guaranteed, then the quality of the products produced will naturally be better.

Finally, the practical application method. In fact, the choice of diamond bit has a significant impact on its service life, and the actual operation of the operator is also an important factor affecting the service life of the drill bit. If the mode of operation is not reasonable, even if the drill no matter how good quality, can not achieve the desired footage efficiency, and will also affect the wear of the drill bit carcass.

In practice, in fact, there are many other factors that will to some extent affect the life of diamond bits. In particular, some of the hole improper operation, it is likely to lead directly to the drill bit of the carcass damage. It is suggested that we must regulate the operation, so that the diamond drill to play the best performance.


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