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 we really appreciate that they can send the technical engineer to our site and provide the best technical supports and service after-sale. It really helps us a lot in keeping up the exploration schedule. And with the help of the engineer, our staff learned quickly and operated the machine very well.

Thanks to the reliable and excellent performances of the machine and the drill rod, it’s proved to be very successful in our project. The final hole depth is 198 meters, which is more than we expected. Now, this type of drill rig is very popular in Vietnam.

   Bureau of survey
Wuxi Geological Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. is the most reliable supplier. The final hole depth reaches 2277.59m, which creates a new record of the deepest core drilling in Jiangxi Geological and Mineral Resource Bureau. The superior qualities and great performances of their products contribute a lot to the success of the new record.

Full hydraulic underground drill rig XZKD95-3 and matched NQ series drill rods/drill pipes, core barrels, impregnated diamond core bits, reaming shells/reamers
 The drill rig and all matched drilling tools are used in a gold mine in Ecuador for horizontal drilling.
The drill rig is mainly composed of power unit, machine body, control panel, rotation unit, rod holder and mud pump. It has the following features:
1.Oil pump drive the motor to rotate; hydraulic cylinder working without turret.
2.The machine system of rotation, feeding, pumping and clamping relies on fluid drive; make your drilling work smooth than any competitor.
3.Fast drilling speed; can drilling holes from any angle in work tunnel by column; best applicability;
4.With V-guide; the products provide the highest concentricity about principal axis;
5.Easy maintenance, repair, disassembly, installation and movement.
The final hole depth is about 500 meters which is almost the designed limit value for NQ drilling.
Our technical engineer was dispatched to the working site in Ecuador for site installation, commissioning, training and supervision. 
 Full hydraulic underground drill rig and matched HQ series drill rods/drill pipes.
Generally speaking, the full hydraulic underground drill rig is mainly used for drilling holes for the purpose of mine exploration, surface coring, railway engineering, tunneling, civil construction engineering and water conservancy project.
However, this time, the drill rig is used by VINACOMIN for mine drain hole. It’s a new experience. The drill rig XZKD95-2 is expected to drill the hole with a elevation of 35°and with a hole diameter of 95mm. The upward drilling depth for HQ is designed to be 200 meters.
Bureau of survey
Spindle type drill rig, PQ and HQ series drill rods/drill pipes, core barrels, diamond core bits and reaming shells/reamers.
The mining, located in Zhuxi, Fuliang, Jiangxi Province, contains kinds of metals such as tungsten, copper and so on. The mining exploration started from 2010. Until now, the total exploration reaches more than 60,000 meters and the prospected quantity of WO3 resources reaches 2,860,000 tons, which is the largest tungsten deposit in the world.
The Hole ZK1013, was started on Oct. 27, 2017 and finally inspected by the geological authority group on May 24, 2018. During the drilling process, all drilling equipments and tools, including drill rods, core barrels, diamond bits and reaming shells are supplied by Wuxi Geological Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd.

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