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Classification Of Rig Types

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At present, there are many kinds of drilling rigs commonly used in geotechnical engineering construction. In order to give the first entry a complete price concept, consider the working principle of the drilling rig, the purpose of the workplace and the performance characteristics of the drilling machine. The types of drilling rig can be divided according to the following categories:

A: drilling rig, we are talking about the drill: mine, engineering and other rock perforation construction operations used in the direct wear into the hole of the mechanical equipment, such as drilling rig, air compressor, mud pump, and other auxiliary equipment to its class.

By way of perforation:

Drilling Type Ⅰ: DTH Drilling Rig -

Mainly refers to the high-pressure air-driven submersible impact drill bit --- sneak into the bottom of the hole to attack the rock ----- drilling part of the impactor and the drill has been close to the bottom of the impact of rock drilling work, resulting in broken rock, In order to achieve drilling rig drilling rig. To promote the "DTH impact" after the work of high-pressure gas from the front of the drill bit discharged to the hole, while the soil slag exclusion hole outside. It is mainly used for perforation of rock strata. Which is characterized by the drilling of the rock, compared to other drilling methods, the downhole drilling rig is the fastest and most economical to wear rock drilling holes, which are mainly suitable for apertures at 70-300 mm. At present the mine, the project in the large (70-200 mm) aperture of the rock chisel mainly use downhole drilling rig. In recent years, with the popularity of submersible drilling more and more wells drilling into the use of downhole drilling rig; oil drilling in the application of "submersible impact device" drilling ratio is also increasing rapidly with the introduction of new technologies --- Xuanhua Hongke company large aperture submersible impacters and cluster dive impact of the successful development of the aircraft, as well as the promotion of high-pressure air compressor, the current less than 1500 mm rock holes can be used to drill down the drill hole.

Drilling Type II: Auger -

Mainly refers to the cutting bit drilling drilling, power-driven spiral drill pipe rotation, will be drilling into the broken out of the hole out of the drill rig. To the main types of soil perforation, drilling depth is generally more than ten meters, the main hole in the 200-1000 mm. Mainly used in urban foundation construction.

Drilling Type Ⅲ: Drilling Machine

Drilling Type Ⅳ: Impact Drill

Drilling type Ⅴ: Drilling rig

Drilling type Ⅵ: cutting rig

Drilling Type Ⅶ: Shield Drill

Drilling type Ⅷ: rotary drilling rig


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