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Check before starting mud pump

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1. Check whether the connection between the parts and screws of each part is firm.

2. Check the connection of the suction pipe and high pressure pipe and whether the gasket, valve and valve seat of each part are tight.

3. Check if the showerhead is clogged and the valve and seat are tight. The shower head should be more than 0.3 meters away from the bottom of the water source box. The water absorption height must not exceed 3 meters. Suction hoses must not have sharp bends.

4. Check whether the rod protection and plug cover are tight.

5. Check if the amount of lubricant in the transmission, crankcase, and lubrication areas is proper and whether the seals are properly sealed.

6. Check whether the clutch and transmission mechanism are flexible and reliable.

7. Check whether the safety valve, three-way water gate, and unloading valve are easy to use.

8. Turn the machine by manpower to check if the transmission components are normal and reliable.

9. Check that the direction of rotation of the pulley is the same as the direction indicated by the arrow.


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