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You are here: Home » News » Carcass Wear and Advantages of NQ Impregnated Diamond Hollow Bits

Carcass Wear and Advantages of NQ Impregnated Diamond Hollow Bits

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NQ impregnated diamond hollow drill bit is a kind of diamond drill bit. Its main characteristic is that diamond particles are distributed on the surface and inside of the drill body, and NQ impregnated diamond core drill bits are evenly packed in the matrix. Drill bit with diamond particles.

NQ diamond-incorporated hollow drill bit wears when the carcass is drilled, so that the diamond will continuously dew out the rock, so that the carcass can be completely ground, and new diamonds will be exposed. Work, similar to grinding wheels grinding metal materials.

The carcass of NQ impregnated diamond hollow drill bit has a certain height. In the process of operation, its outer diameter will be slightly larger than the outer diameter of the bit body, the inner diameter is also slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the bit body, and the outer side of the carcass of the product. The inner surface and the bottom surface are evenly provided with a sink, so that rock powder is removed and the drill bit is cooled by the rinsing liquid.

NQ impregnated diamond hollow drill bits are artificial diamonds that most of the impregnated diamond drill bits are used when they are used. Synthetic diamond is much cheaper than natural diamond, and can be used more widely in hard formations.


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