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Carbide diamond core bit selection and use

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1. Coring carbide drill bits should be selected according to the drill diameter, rock properties and the highest production targets (ROP, R / RW, bit depth) and economic indicators (bit cost, number of uses) of the rock to be drilled The number of cutting tools, the size of the blade, the welding angle and the tip angle.Drill bit inside, outside, the end of the blade should be symmetrical, smooth, inlay should be solid, unqualified, are not allowed to use.The old drill after grinding qualified before reuse.

2. Needle-shaped carbide drill body shall not be shorter than 95 mm.

Needle-shaped carbide drill bits that are used interchangeably with diamond bits should have their inner and outer blades aligned with the corresponding diamond bits.

 3. Adjacent to the carbide drill bit inside and outside the difference must not be too large.

4. Drill into the drill, should be slow, light pressure in the end hole, and then gradually increase the required pressure.It is forbidden to simply speed up the rotation when the pressure is not enough when drilling into hard rock formations.

5. Reasonable grasp back drill length.

According to the wear of the bit, improve the next time the drilling technology parameters.

6. Holes remaining core of 0.5 meters or more off the core,Must be treated with the old drill, the new drill can not be used.

7.Drill midway encounter resistance, may not Meng pier, pliers can be used to twist the drill pipe or driving test sweep.

Needle-shaped carbide drill drill encountered resistance, by taking the above measures invalid, to be replaced by ordinary drill.

8. Unscrew the drill bit, the prevention of dental calculus bite hard alloy, alloy block or flat flat drill bit. Do not use sledgehammer percussion drill.


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