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Brief introduction of the power pliers mode of operation and supporting parts

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Power tong is a kind of mechanical device similar to the past pipe wrench or chain tong, which is mainly used for unloading and unloading the thread. Compared with the past manual operation, the use of power tong greatly reduces the labor intensity of the worker,Avoid or reduce the occurrence of injuries.At the same time, it can also enhance the torque of pipe fittings, drill wire fasteners and reduce the occurrence of pipe fittings and tripping accidents.


When there is power transmitted to the power tongs, its hydraulic motor through the trip reducer,And then by two or a deceleration, the opening mouth clamp gear rotation, resulting in two levels of speed,Thus driving the pipe or drill to rotate.When the opening of the power tong rotates,

The plate rack does not rotate under the braking action of the brake hammer, so that there is a relative movement between the open gear and the palatal plate rack.


As a result, the power tongs palatal plate two rollers will climb on the slope,And force the crotch on the hip plate to move toward the center of the tube until it snaps on the tube,And then together with the opening gear to drive the tube rotation, so as to complete the threaded fastener on or off easily.


In addition to the use of dynamic forceps have great advantages, its structural design also reflects the distinctive features,For example, its main tongs are driven by a low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor. The manual reversing valve is directly matched with the hydraulic motor, so that the entire structure is simple, compact and lightweight.


And according to user needs, power tongs can also choose to install relief valve,In the hydraulic system pressure is higher than the rated pressure of the power clamp or hydraulic system relief valve failure, play the role of overload protection.In addition, the dedicated torque gauge can also be used as a power tong accessories, power tong torque output for real-time monitoring.


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