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Brief description of the performance characteristics of wireline logging winch

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There are many industries will use such a device, that is, wireline logging winch. This is because the product itself has a certain lifting and traction, it is often used in construction, lifting, transportation, port and geological exploration and other industrial machinery and equipment. Which wireline logging winch is a diamond rope core drilling must be used  device.

Next, we mainly introduce you to a relatively new, can be used in the process, you can re-hook in the process of free to achieve the fall of the wireline logging winch. In the actual work, we can use the equipment to complete in the deep hole or complex strata core drilling construction in the task of drilling core drilling tools. Because of its relatively advanced performance, so in the use of the process, the operation is more simple, but also can save a lot of energy consumption.

In general, wireline logging winch is a special application for the extraction of the core of the equipment, because of its work environment is rather special, so often require its structure is more compact and reasonable. The total weight is relatively light. In addition, the power plant of the device can be widely used in many other areas, and which is equipped with the clutch also has a good versatility.


In other words, the wireline logging winch is not only user-friendly operation, while the noise during the work is very small and little mechanical wear, but also has a strong anti-gear, anti-wear properties, and good compatibility and other advantages.

Finally come to understand the core parts of the wireline logging winch. What is the core component? For the device, its core component is the gearbox, the gearbox after a series of tests and tests, has a very superior performance, because of this, it can ensure that it has a great advantage in practical applications

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