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Before lifting the drilling tool should do the following work

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1.1. Accurate measuring machine on the feet; Release the chuck or open the bar feeder.

2. Carefully check whether the elevator brake, clutch device, lift device, swimming tackle and unscrew tools are safe and easy to use. Crane to be regularly refueled and checked.

3. Check rope and wire rope wear. The maximum allowable number of broken steel wire in each knot distance of the steel wire rope: 6 × 19 wire ropes of anti-twisted and twisted are 16 wires and 30 wires of 6 × 37 wire ropes (the safety coefficient of steel wire rope is greater than 7), exceeding the allowable range That is replaced, shall not continue to use. 


The following rules must be observed during the lifting and drilling process


1. Operators of lifts should work closely with the orifice and the personnel on the tower (or operating the swing tube) to take care of each other and follow the signals they send.

2. Operation of the lift to be stable, not suddenly brakes and open.

At the same time to prevent the lifting device, swimming tackle collision platen (or drill pipe frame). Do not touch the wire rope during lifting.

3. The port operator must stand outside of the drill range. Pick the hanging device should pay attention to prevent the return rope touch hit. Pumping, insert mat fork to prevent smashing.

4. Running drilling is strictly prohibited insert mat fork.

5. Pull the orifice cover immediately after drilling. Large-diameter drill in the suspended state, the tube is not allowed to visit the core.

6. Open the vertical axle box to be covered with a horizontal axle box gear guard.


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