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Automatic Hydraulic Drilling Machine Operation

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Automatic hydraulic drilling machine operation of the note:

1, the hole has a drill, in addition to the provisions of the procedures in accordance with the action needs, does not allow the rotator reverse.

2, the rotary switch reversing the drill pipe, the cylinder must stay enough shackle trip, so as not to damage the drill pipe thread.

3, drilling machine work process, should always pay attention to changes in the moving parts. Bearings, gears, oil pumps, oil motors, motors and other temperature rise shall not exceed 45 degrees, the tank out of the mouth of the temperature shall not exceed 60 degrees, or should be shut down to check and be processed.

4, observe the pump back to the oil pressure gauge, found that oil pressure exceeds 0.35 should be shut down to replace or clean the filter.

5, drilling machine work, pay attention to the hydraulic system components, hose and pipe joints are leaking phenomenon, if the fault should be promptly treated.

6, drilling machine work, in addition to drilling due to changes in load caused by changes in fuel supply pressure, rotation and propulsion speed of the corresponding changes in the system suddenly caused a substantial increase in pressure rotation, propulsion speed change, should immediately stop to find out the reasons. Processing failure.

7, when the drilling machine to stop working, all the handle should be placed in the middle.

8, from the drill pipe in the normal drill pipe, you must use the gripper or clamp to the drill pipe clamped, the rod personnel must leave the drill pipe 1m outside the safe place, before the drilling machine driver can operate according to the rules It is required to start the drilling machine to drill the drill rod. In the process of retracting the drill rod, the rod personnel and the drilling rig driver must cooperate closely with each other to concentrate and prevent accidental operation.

9, when the water axis and drill pipe connection joints killed, can not use the clamp or clamp device, you can use the pipe clamp to drill pipe, and with a pole (0.5-1m) connecting pipe clamp (increase torque ), The man will be loose at the connection of the drill pipe.

10, when the water axis and drill pipe connection joints killed, can not use the card drill or clamp device, you can use the pipe clamp to clamp the drill pipe, pipe clamp at one end only the fence as a fulcrum, and wire clamp fixed In the rack, drill field personnel to leave the drill field to a safe place, the drill pipe driver can start drilling machine reverse loose drill pipe, to prevent misuse caused by wrench fly off.

11, when the drill pipe angle is greater than 30 ° in the treatment of drill pipe broken rod, the operator position is not on the drill pipe, to prevent drilling drill pipe slipped out of injury.


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