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Application of Geotechnical Core Bits in engineering geological drilling

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Geotechnical Core Bits is used in engineering geological drilling more of a drilling tool, its size will directly determine the engineering geological exploration drilling hole diameter, on how to choose? Is there any corresponding regulatory requirements to be observed?


For now, most of the bore holes in engineering geological exploration are 168MM holes and 91MM holes, so the hole structure can meet the general exploration and test requirements. In some special cases, large bore holes will be drilled. Therefore, in addition to the conventional rock bit, larger rock bit has to be used.


In the use of rock drill bit for large-diameter drilling process, you can usually use the impact drilling and rotary drilling approach, and drill in addition to rock bit, it should also be equipped with core pipe, take the powder tube, drill pipe, etc., Making the drill smoothly within the large-diameter drilling.


In recent years, China began to promote small-borehole drilling in engineering geological exploration and exploration, and also used some small-sized rock and soil bits. Its benefits include the ability to drill extremely hard rock, long service life, high drilling efficiency, high core take-up and good core integrity. Not only that, but also showed a uniform aperture, smooth hole wall, small drilling curvature; smooth when drilling, equipment wear small, less energy consumption; light weight, easy handling and a series of advantages.


Current production of rock bit diameter of 76,66,46,36 MM and other specifications, than the average bit is much smaller, this drill is the diamond particles embedded in the drill lip, the use of diamond hardness grinding rock drilling Strata.


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