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Application and operate instructions of impregnated core drill bit

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Impregnated core drill bit is a type of drill bit and an important part of drilling equipment. Its main function is to break through the rocks and form the borehole. As a kind of drill bit, impregnating the core drill bit also rotates under the driving of the machine, thus driving the entire drill bit to generate centripetal motion, and the rock will be cracked and broken through erosion and grinding to play a role of downward drilling.


Considering the performance characteristics of the impregnated core drill bit, in practice, the equipment is generally used to drill softer, medium hard, and moderately abrasive rock formations, which has the advantages of high penetration rate, long drill bit life, and the like. Due to the different working environment and environment, the specifications and shape requirements of the drill are not only the same. When performing drilling work, it is necessary to rationally and scientifically select the drill bit based on specific needs and specific design schemes.


Note that in addition to rational selection of equipment for immersing core drill bits, we should also determine suitable drilling fluids so as to improve the efficiency and quality of oil drilling operations so that oil drilling can better realize its value and promote the development of oil. Development makes a certain contribution. Then, in practical applications, what issues should be noted?


First of all, as a user, we need to select the type of core bit that is suitable for impregnation with the hole shape of the part being machined and its size. Secondly, the hardness of the workpiece to be machined should be in a suitable range. Third, before the tool is used, it is necessary to perform cleaning to prevent chips from sticking to the cutting edge and affecting the cutting performance. The surface of the workpiece to be machined should be straight and there must be no blisters or hard spots so as to avoid damage to the tool.


Remember that before drilling, care should be taken to achieve the required positional accuracy of the impregnated core bit and to calculate its cutting volume reasonably. At the same time, different cutting fluids should be selected according to the processing object, and cooling should be sufficient. Note that when the core impregnated with the drill has an abnormal condition, it should be immediately stopped. After checking the cause, it can be processed; attention should be paid to the wear of the cutting edge and repaired in time.


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