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Applicable stratum and structural superiority of T2-76 Double Tube Core Barrel

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Drilling tools with two inner and outer tubes are called two-pipe drilling tools, and the T2-76 Double Tube Core Barrel is one of the commonly used series. Combined with a suitable diamond drill bit, it can effectively increase heart rate when drilling into soft ground. It is also this type of bit that is thin and hard and can only be pressed into the formation by spring tension, so it is usually only drilled into a soft and uniform formation.


The use of the T2-76 Double Tube Core Barrel avoids the mechanical breakage of the core caused by the friction and vibration generated by the rotation of the drilling tool, resulting in high coring quality. The drilling effect is good in the coal seam, the 1-3 soft interlayers and the stable coal formations with few ledges, and the complete columnar coal cores and cores can be taken out. In addition, T2-76 Double Tube Core Barrel can also be used to drill 1-2 loose rock formations.


The T2-76 Double Tube Core Barrel is mainly composed of different-diameter joints, linkage devices, buffer devices, single-acting devices, inner and outer tubes, inner and outer drill bits, core-receiving tubes, and retainer devices for card springs. The outer drill bit is a The special middle part has 8 straight-through tap carbide drills, while the inner drill bits are hard cylinders made of hardened steel with sharp edges.


If the seam is soft, the inner bit of the T2-76 Double Tube Core Barrel can be pressed into the seam beforehand under pressure to prevent the flushing fluid from flushing the core of the rock core and protect the core of the rock. The softer the seam, the more advanced the internal bit. The gap between the inner and outer drill bit is automatically adjusted by the buffer spring. The buffer spring absorbs the vibration and stabilizes the drilling tool.


The shoulder of the pull rod is slidingly fitted with the slide groove of the connector, constituting a unique linkage device of the T2-76 Double Tube Core Barrel, which can not only transmit rotary power but also can extend and retract longitudinally and control the claw spring protection device. When coring, after the diamond bit pulls off the rock core, the inner pipe of the inner pipe rises first with the opposite outer pipe of the pulling rod when the drilling tool is lifted, the claw spring is exposed and the center is closed, the bottom end of the inner drill bit is closed, the rock core is supported, and the lifting is prevented It falls off midway.


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