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Advantages analysis of Hydraulic Crawler Drill

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Compared with other similar devices, What is the advantage of a hydraulic crawler drill?Hydraulic crawler drilling rig not only has advanced technical performance, process adaptability, It also has the advantages of convenient relocation, safety and reliability.So far, the device has played an important role in the construction of many engineering holes.


From its composition and structural characteristics to analyze,It is precisely because of hydraulic crawler rig host, pumping station and console three major components concentrated in the self-propelled crawler body above,So relocation is more convenient.At the same time as the chuck and the holder match,Which can achieve drilling unscrewing mechanization and reduce the labor intensity of workers. Coupled with the rig set a variety of linkage features,Further improve work efficiency.


The performance advantages of hydraulic crawler drilling rig can be mainly described in three aspects, as follows:


First, the special feature of hydraulic crawler drilling rig is that it will upgrade the transmission mode to hydraulic power transmission.

As a result, it is obvious that the transmission structure is simplified.

Its hydraulic transmission system is mainly composed of a set of hydraulic components, Hydraulic circulatory system will turn mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy, By adjusting and controlling the hydraulic energy of each hydraulic original to transmit the pressure and the working signal, After that, the hydraulic energy can be transformed into mechanical energy through the executive components so as to realize the various actions required in drilling construction.


Second, the entire hydraulic crawler drilling rig design is simple and reasonable to facilitate the construction relocation. That is to say, this configuration determines that it can greatly improve the speed of construction relocation, among which various operations on the drilling tower take-off and landing and drilling rigs can be completed by operating handle of the hydraulic component.


Third, the hydraulic crawler drilling efficiency has been significantly improved.And the user in the operation of the process, but also can achieve non-polar speed regulation, In the actual drilling process, the device can automatically adjust the speed, the bit weight under certain conditions, you can achieve optimal speed configuration.


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