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About Well Drilling Rig

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1, the installation of well drilling rig should be carried out by skilled operators, and a person in charge of command. In the heavy rain, heavy snow and more than six winds can not stand rigging.

2, before the installation of rig, the local terrain, geology, hydrology, meteorology and flood level to conduct a comprehensive investigation, and check whether the underground base of the underground pipeline and cable. The minimum distance between the top of the rig and the high pressure line shall be in accordance with the relevant regulations.

3, in the predetermined aperture next to a solid field, the area can not be less than 53.3, the wellhead before the tower part can not be flat, but not more than 1m obstacles, the area for drilling rig, power machine, mud pump installation, the rest Mud mixer, mud tank, drilling equipment, such as storage can be based on site conditions, according to local conditions to open the wall, smooth.

4, in the predetermined hole excavation diameter of 600mm, 1 ~ 1.5m deep hole, and in the open pit and sedimentation pool excavation mud circulation tank.

5, in the flat site by the rig that requires the installation of the installation tower base, tower, anchor and so on.

6, when the installation of the ground beam, the diesel engine transmission, hoist in the rig base fixed, and then the main hoist wire rope around the reel at one end fixed to the drum, the other end of the wire rope through the tower and then Bypass the crane, and through the swimming pulley, and finally with a rope card fixed in the tower under the base beam, and then will be swimming tackle: "U" ring hanging in the tower from the ring, from the tower before the inspection, Whether the anchor is reliable; stretch rope with or without damage; the rope card pin, screw connection is reliable. After the inspection, start the diesel engine to start the hoist in the normal operation of the case, the tower from the low speed, the tower from the high within 1m, review once again after the low-speed vertical tower tension rope to adjust the vertical tower.

7, paving machine plate, install the turntable, universal axis, mud pump, and make the pulley position relative to each other to ensure that the belt work properly. At the same time and the components of the protective cover installed to ensure the safety of production, connecting the drill and installation of drilling rigs, lighting, room, towers and retractable car and other work to be completed before opening.


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