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A Brief Introduction to the Manufacturing Process of impregnated diamond core bit

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Drilling bits are an important part of drilling equipment. In practice, we can drill through the biting stones to form a wellbore. For example, in the oil industry, rotary drills are commonly used at present, and their rotation is mainly driven by a machine. One of the more common bits is the impregnated diamond core bit.


Due to the actual work of the specific needs and working conditions are different, so the production process of the drill bit is also different. Therefore, in practical work, we should combine the specific work needs, specific design options, etc., a reasonable choice of suitable drill bit, to ensure that the drill bit size, shape and other work needs. So what is the difference between the impregnated diamond core bits produced by the impregnation process?


We should know that, in fact, the process used to make impregnated diamond core drill, mainly in a landscape precision machining of graphite molds. Compared with other processes, the drill bit produced by the process has many advantages. First, the process produces bits with more complex geometries and more precise dimensions.


Second, in the production process, because no pressure from the outside world, so do not need to worry about the problem of dislocation of diamonds, while impregnated diamond core  can ensure uniform density.



Third, due to the use of graphite molds, there is no need for additional shielding gas throughout the sintering process. This also brings great convenience to the manufacture of impregnated diamond core bits.


Fourth, the entire production process is relatively simple, and therefore in the actual promotion also has great convenience. In short, the impregnated diamond core drill production process is relatively simple and convenient, and its use of performance is also very good.

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